„The most important thing is your experience“

Dear our clients!
Hotel Mýto *** we covered from 1 October 2017 to extend our many years of experience in the hotel industry for a hotel with a higher standard. The hotel is situated in the beautiful nature of Low Tatras and the client offers many opportunities for active and passive recreation, and therefore is suitable for organizing various visits and social events. As part of our work and options, we will focus on selected areas.
Our main goal is to allow our clients to organize different types of stays, which focus primarily on relaxing children and students. Today’s modern times place great demands not only on adults but also on the youngest children. Resident outdoor school or a skiing trip is the right place to relax from normal school duties and team building. With this in mind, we would like to give you a great deal of service and activities from the hotel.
There is not only a wellness center (pool, sauna, whirlpool, massage), sport hall (squash, bowling, billiards, table tennis) and several outdoor playgrounds (tennis, basketball, volleyball, soccer), but also several ski slopes and hiking in close proximity to the hotel. We think that we can prepare an unforgettable stay for teachers and children.
Our next goal is weekend wellness stays and skiing for all those who use the weekend to relax and gather new strength into the next working week. If you’ve found in this sentence, click on our stay packages and book the weekend of your choice.
The location of the hotel, its vital world and the higher standard are equally suited for older groups of clients – seniors. We know that even you seniors, you like to relax and have fun, so we have prepared for you a special five-day package with an interesting program ending by the social evening. We would also like to use our services and conference rooms for organizing corporate and social events. A small and large conference room, along with the possibility of accommodation, restaurant, wellness and sports, is the right one for training or teambuilding.
Our restaurant with a capacity of 100 seats is also suitable for organizing weddings, balls or other social events. We will prepare a customized offer for every client. We believe that you are interested in our goals and that you reserve your stay as soon as possible.
Your positive experience is crucial to us. We are looking forward to you.

Team of the Hotel Mýto 🙂